Industrial powder blenders


All kinds of fine powder / Free or non-free-flowing like Wheat flour, Atta, auger, Gram flour Milk powder. Curry powder, Coffee powder. Pharmaceutical and Pesticide powders. Soup mix, etc.

Model BGE-BD 1000
Hopper Capacity 500kg 1ton-2ton
Mixing Range Up to 2ton
Power used 220 V 1 f. / 440 V 3 f
Mixing Accuracy Fine
Dimensions 2500L X 900W X 1800H (mm)
Net Weight 1250 Kg Approx
  • Complete process of mixing and blending in one unit
  • Working capacity from 50L to 15000L
  • Suitable for mixing solids with solids and solids with liquids Shorter batch time due to contra mixing ribbons
  • All contact parts are made of SS304/316L and mirror polished
  • Flush plug valve from discharging finished product without dead zone
  • The specifications of ribbon mixer comply with GMP regulations
  • It achieves consistent and high shear mixing
  • Manufactured with high quality and durable materials
  • Versatile design which can be used in a wide range of materialsAble to achieve triple mixing action
  • Clean and hygienic operating process
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