Fully automatic coir pith coin packing machine


SIZE : 35 mm Coco peat pellets expand significantly to 1.75″ dia x 1.75″ Bio degradable and Environment friendly Peat Pellets offer quicker rooting due to the air pruning that stimulates fibrous root development within the plug. Minimizes transplant shock and root damage Used for raising seedlings, plant cutting rooting s, hydroponics, aquaponics Put in a plate and water it will expand to 4 to 6 times in few minutes. Then put seeds and water when needed, after 20 to 30 days transplant directly to soil or hydroponics cups pots, we do customize sizes.

  • Grow bag cutting machine
  • Grow bag scaling machine
  • Coco peat and aske beeding machine
  • Coco peat weighing machine
  • Complete automatic system
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